Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Take Me Higher

I sat up late last night, nervously awaiting the results from the Christie's auction, in London. As I noted in the previous entry here, this was the first time my work went under the hammer overseas. It was also the first time my work was seen at all in Europe, other than by a handful of canny private collectors.
By nine p.m., Sydney time, when the auction started, I was a mess – shakey, irritable, even a little teary. I'm not good at rejection and I knew that if my work was passed in or, worse, sold for less than my Australian auction high of $12,000 (for an earlier and lesser work), then I would take it badly. So, I suspected, would my collectors.
I needn't have worried. There was plenty of support for both works and the hammer fell on bids of 10,000 pounds or $23,185 for each, a new high – and only $5,000 less than my much larger, new oil works sell for right now.

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Neil said...

Congratulations. Saw a news report on the auction this morning and looked out for your work, but it was just the usual suspects that they showed.