Saturday, January 26, 2008

Army Of Me

At last, I'm feeling better. I'm taking a couple more days off to get my life in better order. I hate being disorganised. I hate getting behind in my work. However, I've found it hard to stay on top of everything as my career has accelerated. I am still figuring out processes to make everything more efficient and allow me to spend more time not just making art but exploring the world. I spent most of my late teens and early twenties in a small room, alone, painting day and night. I still do that but there has to be more space for sheer, visceral joy.
My early attempts to delegate my administrative chores to an assistant were a mistake. I employed people who knew much less than me so I always had to instruct and supervise them. Nowadays, I only work with people who know more and have much more business experience than me, people who are able to work independently and, when needed, to tell me what to do. It's been a torturous road but I now realise that I can't – I must not – try to do everything myself.
I still want control. I want autonomy from traditional art world systems. I want personal interaction with collectors of my work and I want to take my art career in directions that are stimulating. I don't want to be an entrepreneur, gallerist, archivist, or business manager. I would rather pay people to be those things for me.
My goal is freedom, including the freedom to choose how, where, when, and on what I focus my imagination and effort each day. And I'm not just talking about art.

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