Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Into The Light

I was in a dark, fractured mood yesterday. I hadn't painted for a few days and as soon as I began again – on a pale watercolour I'd built up over a week or so – I knew it was a mistake. Within a few hours, I managed to ruin the work. The self-sabotage was so obvious that it plunged me into an even deeper depression.
I thought today might be another wash-out. Then, somehow, unexpectedly, I recovered. All afternoon, I worked without a break on four drawings for my
Dangerous Career Babe series.
The hours pass quickly when I'm productive – maybe because it's the closest I get to some sense of peace.


Anonymous said...

when you burn as brightly as you obviously do, sometimes you just burn out. be easier on yourself.

Kim said...

I have just found your blog and am really enjoying your words and your art! As for this post, the world is a much better plac because you have found the place where you can find peace.

I will return to explore more.

Anonymous said...

well it might be ruined in one sense but it would make a brilliant CD cover!