Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Place In Another Space

One of the reasons I abandoned selling through galleries was the personal relationship I was missing with the people who responded most to my work. I wanted not only to be accessible to them but also to be able to maintain a discreet ongoing connection to my works after they were sold.
This can be rewarding in unexpected ways. Yesterday, when I was having one of those
'what's-the-point-of-it-all?' sort of afternoons, I received this email from one of my most enthusiastic collectors: "We couldn't keep from hanging your paintings any longer, even though it's been a hectic weekend... We had intended to hang the paintings next weeked after we'd cleared a room of furniture but we were so eager to see them up that, well, as you can see, we hung eight. Another two can't be done as they are to go where a wardrobe is now and it's too heavy for us to shift. Also there's no space to shift it to."

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Anonymous said...

Hazel, I was curious to know what your advice would be for artists who,like yourself, dont want to work under the traditional system of exhibiting or being represented by galleries-in particular,those with no public profile? Your advice would be be greatly appreciated...