Sunday, March 23, 2008

Art Full Of Sole

Every time I draw a new Dangerous Career Babe, I get stuck on the shoe. I make all sorts of excuses for it. I tell myself (and anyone who'll listen) that it's an odd angle or an awkward shape. But it never is. I've been drawing feet well, shod and unshod, for over a decade now.
I have a shoe fetish. Each shoe I draw has to be perfect. In the Dangerous Career Babe series, the costumes signify the careers but in my superficial heart, the shoes are central to each babe's personality.
Of the recent Dangerous Career Babes, The Art Dealer is wearing is Fendi, circa Spring 2000, with pale pink napa upper and laquered green undersoles. The boot worn by The Outlaw is based on a pair of Italian designer-cowboy boots I have, although mine are a paler cream and trimmed with snake-skin. I used a stretch fabric boot by Robert Clergerie as the basis for The Cat Burglar's footwear.
I wasted a lot of time looking for the perfect boot for The Wrestler. I finally settled on a combination of ugly, archetypal, lace-up Mexican wrestling boots and a pair of pleated silk, hi-top Converse Chuck Taylors which I was thinking of buying for myself.
I am currently working on The Trapeze Artist. I've been driving myself and everyone around me crazy by wasting two days rendering a pair of fucking ballet slippers. Or, rather, that's what everyone else calls them. To me, the slippers are inspired by a pair of black satin Calvin Klein flats (with a molded rubber sole), that I lost a couple of years ago. I still miss them. But not for long. I know they're going to look fabulous with the footless lycra tights my trapeze artist is wearing.
I'm not going to try and justify my fetish in any artistic terms. I don't buy into that shit about fashion being a form of wearable art. I just get hot for designer shoes. It's as simple as that.
Deep down, I'm remorselessly shallow.

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