Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Art Of Mobile Home Living

I'm becoming more used to working on the move. At first, I couldn't do it. I didn't like working in unfamiliar places and I got frustrated by never having what I needed to hand. Now I carry my office and studio around with me.
I pack an inexpensive, reliable Epson colour printer/copier in a small,industrial-looking, hard shell case, just big enough to hold it snugly. A black, vinyl-coated canvas, expedition-style duffel contains reams of paper, printer ink, various cords, a rugged, portable hard drive, folders filled with project information and schedules, DVD-Roms containing images of my work, a Tupperware box of watercolour paints, and my clothes. Large watercolour and drawing papers are rolled inside a large, hard, cylindrical case, covered in black nylon. Finally, I carry an Oakley laptop bag in which are my MacBook, folders of images and notes for works-in-progress, a small Canon digital and an 'analogue' Leica CM automatic camera, various leads and adaptors, reference and other books, my journal, and a large, very fine scarf of black cashmere and wool.
I always take a couple of highly personal items, so I feel at home wherever I am: among them, is a tiny, leather-bound book with blank pages. I'm gradually filling it with fine ink drawings and love-notes for my boyfriend. I only work on it when I'm traveling and we're apart. He usually gives me something precious of his to travel with and I keep it near me while I draw and hold it as I sleep. Almost everything else I take with me is work-related purpose and it's all replaceable.
The personal items are different. No matter where I am, they remind me I am loved. They keep me positive – and sane.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

I'm impressed. That sounds like
a sampan load of shtuff
to pack around! :-)


Uncle Kokoe said...

I travel with a small plushy dog and a small plushy cat, each a gift from one of my boyfriends.

Uncle Kokoe said...

What is reflected upon whilst travelling; what is reflected in this mirror is intimate.