Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fear Of Rejection

The 13th March edition of the widely circulated Melbourne newspaper, The Sun-Herald, included an article that referred in detail to the inclusion of my work in the upcoming Lawson Menzies auction of contemporary Australian art. I can't help but feel nervous about the degree of expectation it encouraged: if the enamel-on-board, which is quite small, doesn't exceed the sale room's modest estimate, I'll feel terrible.

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Jared said...

Well, I bid on your work but regrettably I could only bid in absentia and I could only go to the high end of the estimate. On the other hand, I guess you could thank me for bidding to the max end of the estimate. That means I lost to the person who bid just over. What is very sad to me is this may have been the one chance I had to get one of your works since your prices have gone up so much! :(*