Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The (de)Meaning Of Mass Production

It's ironic that, given the advertising-inflected, anti-consumerism stance within the large-scale (in every sense) Dangerous Career Babes concept, painting the series feels more and more like mass production. I don't use assistants for creative work, so every step in the process, from the initial drawing to the application of the paint, is down to me. However, it was key to my intellectual proposal for the series that there be as many different versions as possible to replicate the sense of 'mass' and ubiquity so essential to the modern 'market-driven' economy.
I've made a rod for my own back. As much as I like conceiving and drawing the individual characters in the series – outlaw (see below), cat burglar (above), terrorist, spy, and so on – doing so many of them one after the after has proved to be a feat of endurance and concentration. I finish each day exhausted and even – dare I say it? – a little bored.
Which also explains why I've been so remiss about updating this blog recently.

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