Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Time After Time

I took time out from painting today to re-organise my schedule of commissioned works. It's complicated. I hardly ever have any works 'in stock', so anyone who wants one of my works outside of a show has to commission it. That is to say, they make a deposit on a work I've already planned. I don't paint to order.
Several of the works have been delayed. They were the last of my paintings in enamel. As my allergy to this medium has increased, I've been unable to spend much time at all using it. I have to spend too much time recovering from it as the symptoms worsen. Each work delayed creates a 'knock-on' effect, delaying all my work.
My collectors have been understanding but I feel terrible about it. I sometimes send small gifts to them to apologise but I know they just want their paintings as soon as possible. Now I've enlisted more help to run my everyday life and I've re-drafted a schedule for all the works to be finalised and delivered. I'm calling everyone on my commission list tomorrow morning to give them firm dates. Then I'll do whatever it takes to deliver them.

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