Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unlimiting Myself, Again

Three years ago, I began creating unlimited editions of some of my line drawings and monochrome sketches to be distributed via my web site. I first got the idea from the American sculptor, Robert Graham, who talked of doing the same thing with some of his line drawings (but never got around to it) in the late '90s. It has since become relatively commonplace among artists, although I'm still one of the very few who offer to sign and date the printed work if it's sent to me in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
I've just uploaded the latest of these unlimited editions, a sexually charged rendering titled Study for Unsated (only partial image above). It is, emphatically, NSFW. Anyone can download it free-of-charge and print it themselves, on a paper stock of their choice, or they can share it in some other way with others for non-commercial use under a limited Creative Commons license. If my original signature on the work is wanted, in addition to the one incorporated into the work, the print can be emailed to me along with the s.a.s.e described above – my postal address is on my site, along with the high resolution file and download instructions.

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