Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Art For Everyone

I like the idea of distributing some of my art for free and I'm always open to different ways in which to do it. When I was younger, I painted murals on outside walls or in stores. More recently, I've offered unlimited edition, monochrome prints from my web site. This past week, I have been in discussion with a new English style magazine about creating a small, limited edition, hand-painted work to give away to readers and although the specifics and timing have yet to be nailed down, I'm very enthusiastic about the idea.
I just wish someone would offer me an opportunity to do something similar in my home country.

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kate said...

Hi Hazel
I have really enjoyed reading your blog but I am embarrassed to admit that blogging is something I'm not yet up to speed on. Can you explain briefly before i go on, I left a comment a day ago on your blog (first one ever!), the one about Peter and Dot LOL. Does this comment automatically go up on the blog or what happens to it? I don't know if you even saw it, it’s all a bit of a mystery to me. Anyway, just wanted to refer to your most recent blog about the English magazine idea you're planning. The way you deal and connect with people Hazel (ie, buyers of your work etc) is great. I love your down to earth attitude, hope it rubs off on to all sorts of people all over the place! Hazel, I didn’t know whether to bother you or not, but when I saw that you had Miles Davis and Ali Farka TourĂ© in your fave music list I thought i must - because I featured them as the music on Opening Night at a 2D acquisitive Art Prize that I organise in August at the Otway Estate Winery & Brewery in Barongarook, Victoria. You having lived in Melbourne, will probably know the area. Just south of Colac and inland from Lorne in the Otways. You mentioned you would like the opportunity to do something similar in Aus. If you can think of any way you would like to come on board with our Art Prize/Award we'd love to faciltate your idea if it was viable for both of us. Open to ideas Hazel, have a think! We are not big and glossy though, nor do we have a huge and high profile (yet!). Having said that though, I believe we are on the way to creating a credible and quality exhibition for artists to show their work. As an ex rmit artist, I am incredibly aware of keeping their interests as a high priority and am really enjoying the contact I am having with them. Will leave you now, wherever you are in the world, I hope it's warmer than here...it's ABSOLUTELY freezing.
Cheers Kate
PS. I tried to email this to you so it didn’t have to be so public, but I was told over and over to reduce to 300 chararcters which I couldn’t do, so have posted it as a comment