Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Back Of Beyond

A lot of people have written to me about my Lake Eyre paintings and photographic studies. They want to know where they came from, particularly as they look somewhat different from the rest of my work.
In 2001, I took part in a large-scale, big budget art expedition – a journey to the central desert of Australia, including Lake Eyre, Alice Springs, and the Aboriginal community of Kintore, which is a major centre for the Western Desert art movement. Of the ten artists involved, I was the youngest – and the only female. The others included some of Australia's most renowned painters (many of whom I had studied at school) – John Olsen, Tim Storrier, Robert Jacks, David Larwill, Rodney Pople, Jeff Makin, Andrew Sibley, Mark Schaller and Jason Benjamin. The whole thing was privately funded by an Australian millionaire and f
rom 2003 to 2005, our paintings, which he bought, were assembled in an exhibition that toured major regional Australian galleries.
Each artist created ten large works inspired by the expedition. These were reproduced in full page, colour plates, in a large coffee table book, William Creek & Beyond, documenting the journey. The book also features photographs by Hari Ho, and artist interviews by well-known Australian critic and author, Ashley Crawford. It's available online, with prices ranging from $643 in Canada to $232 on Amazon. However, it's still available new from the Queensland Art Gallery for $108 plus postage and handling.
A documentary film about the expedition, The View From Here, was directed by Liz Jones for ABC Television and although it's available to buy through ABC TV, it's screened regularly on one or other of the national broadcaster's Sunday arts programs.

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That is a pretty girl and I liked the film. Funny how time flies.