Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't Go Breaking My Art

One of the occasional joys I have is coming across examples of my work that I haven't seen for a while in private collections. This is especially true of the high gloss enamel or oil on canvas paintings I did at the start of my career a decade ago. There are few of these left in good condition. Many were first sold very cheaply – often for just a couple of hundred bucks and perhaps because of that, were rarely looked after well. It's hard for me when I see them, as if someone has been abusing one of my kids.
These days, serious enthusiasts for my work cherish the pieces they buy. One collector, a nomadic senior executive for a multinational tech' company, has custom-built crates to transport the 1.0 metre by 1.5 metre canvases he owns from one home to another. Another pair of collectors have devoted the wall space of a couple of rooms in their home to a definitive history of my enamel, oil and watercolour paintings as well as my Polaroid and 35mm photography.
Often, I don't expect to like the rather simplistic works I did when I was (in my own mind) still a 'kid' but then I'm pleasantly surprised: they're not masterpieces but they're unexpectedly effective and reveal clues to themes I continue to explore in my current work.

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