Friday, May 23, 2008

Models Wanted!

Since the beginning of my career, if I have needed to paint 'from life', I have only ever used myself as a model. More a matter of convenience than anything else, it was easier to pose in front of a mirror and photograph myself than it was trying to find a model and explain to her what I wanted. I was also uninhibited. No position was too provocative, strenuous or downright ridiculous for me to attempt.
Later, my paintings were about some part of me. It made no sense to use anyone else as a model.
Recently, I began photographing and painting other women. I had experimented with it for the first time in my watercolours, a couple of years ago, including one or two in the Venus In Hell series and a crude, anime-inspired portrait in the series, Kelly, The First Time, but now I'm planning a number of works in different media that are not focussed on me. The trouble is, I have found few models who are willing to give of themselves the way I have.
I am looking for young women, aged between 20 and 35, who are willing to pose nude for half a day at my Sydney studio. Refreshments and lunch are provided. If you're interested, email me a photograph and a few words about yourself. The resulting works will be included in my exhibition at MARS Gallery, in Melbourne, at the end of July.


ian gordon said...

"than it was trying to find a model and explain to her what I wanted".

How true. I think a good model is all about that "link", and less to do with "look".

PS: A shame about the content warning here, which is totally unecessary. (I once had a picture of a painting removed from photobucket for similar reasons. Crazy).

Anonymous said...

ok, maybe i'll give it a shot, when are u planning on working on this? kell