Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Sight Of Relief

I went to a large, suburban, neon-lit shopping mall, last week. I needed to kill some time while I waited for somebody. As I walked from the car park to the entrance, I began seeing everything double. Bright neon signs, faces, buildings – around each, an illuminated halo shimmered like a misaligned Warhol silk screen. I kept walking, looking at everything, thinking what a waste it was to have this somewhat hallucinatory experience in such a banal location.
My vision returned to normal after a little while but I had my eyes tested the next day.They've ached for weeks. I've also had frequent migraines. My optometrist is an eccentric woman who dresses in electric blue, purple and green – perfect migraine colours. As she tested me, we chatted about visual migraines, cubism and impressionism and how changes in sight were reflected in artists' work over their lifetime. Fortunately, the only thing wrong with my eyes was severe strain. It's easily corrected by wearing glasses when working.
Which means I have to wear them all day. I chose simple Miu Miu frames, with no rim at the bottom to distract my focus. They look a little severe and art-cliché, like something an esthetic lesbian curator or a feminist computer geek might wear. But I don't care. They've brought me so much relief that I'm taking my optometrist flowers tomorrow.


sue beyer said...

when I came to your blog this morning I was warned about the content. Somebody must have complained.

onebodymind said...

Yeah, there is a warning, I was expecting a photo of you naked wearing nothing but your glasses!!! LOL that would lessen the severity of the geek image...
I think they are very becoming, and certainly better than eye strain! Have you considered contacts?
all the zest,