Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playing Better With Others

I realised, today, that the upcoming show at MARS will be the first that involves a large number of other people in my creative process: among them, several models, a photographic assistant, a production manager, a photographic processor (I still use film whenever I can) and a couple of custom printers.
Art used to be something I did completely alone. However, over the last year or so, a lot more people have become involved. At first, it was something of a challenge to adapt to them but it's been worth it. For one thing, I get to turn more of the contents of my imagination into reality. For another, I have more time for myself, during which I can conceive new work.
I also have more time to live. This gives me more experiences and sensations from which to draw inspiration. In the past, my life outside art went on almost entirely inside my head – and for the most part, my head was stuck in the one room of my fairly grotty former studio. So the images I made were, in a sense, drawn from the narrative of a pseudo-life.
These days, art and life are all one. I live both to the fullest and I'm infinitely happier.

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