Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorting My Self

I stayed up until the early hours of this morning finishing The Trophy Wife, yet another of my Dangerous Career Babes series of oils. It was the hardest of all to do, so far, perhaps because I had to get into the right sort of consumer mind-set to ensure that the several brand references in the image were authentic. The image will be used for the cover of the sexmoneypower issue of the Australian quarterly, Griffith REVIEW, later this year.
The rest of my week is going to be taken up with editing images for my photography exhibition at MARS, in just six weeks time. This involves sifting through several thousand colour and monochrome negatives in my archives, and as many digital files, as well as shooting new images.
As I've written elsewhere, I'm treading a fine line with these works. I want to show images that are intimate, revelatory and even shocking but I also want to protect myself (although I'm not entirely sure what I want to protect myself from). This unsettling dichotomy is inherent in the work of all artists who mine the darker recesses of their psyches (and sexuality) for their narrative-like subject matter – in photography, Larry Clark and Nan Goldin are obvious examples – and it's emerging as a central theme of this show.

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Michael said...

Looking forward to seeing it - thanks for the notice