Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Strike A Pose

In between working on two new Dangerous Career Babes paintings – during those long (especially in the tropics), dull intervals when I'm waiting for one coat of paint to dry before I can paint another – I've been editing photographs for my solo exhibition of photography and works on paper at MARS Gallery, in Melbourne, at the end of next month. There's a huge archive of material to review – God, how many photos have I taken of myself? – but I want to choose what to print of my existing images before I shoot new ones, next week. I also want to experiment with painting and writing on some of the images, as well as collaging them into a couple of large, mutli-panel watercolours I'm working on.
I have two models that I'm excited about photographing. One is a long-time friend, also an artist. The other is a Japanese student in her early '20s who takes a perverse glee in injecting a little manga-like craziness into every shot – not an easy thing to do when you're butt-naked, trying to dance around wet paint swatches in the middle of my studio.

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