Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chaos Compliant

I had to get my arms around a sprawl of logistical details for the opening party at MARS Gallery, next Thursday, so I spent the morning sitting cross-legged in a corner of my teak daybed with two phones and an open chat channel on my Macbook, going over long 'to-do' and phone lists and relaying queries between the gallery and my assistants, who, today, all opted wisely to work from their homes.
One of the most pressing items was the hire of a sound system and engineer for the well-known singer, Deborah Conway, who is doing a half hour, acoustic set at the party. I also had to choose two menus: one for 'finger food' to be served at the party, the other for a dinner I am hosting for my collectors at a nearby restaurant afterwards. Then I had to organise the last of my works to be delivered from a lab on the other side of Sydney to my long-suffering framer before turning off the phones and retreating to my studio to work on a triptych of watercolours – cinematic frames of a Japanese girl giving a blow-job, in close-up – that I want to include in the show.
My studio is a pit, chaotic and filthy. I haven't bothered to tidy it for a month. The patchwork nature of its disarray reflects the steep peaks and valleys of my moods – and productivity.
(Note to self: phone the cleaners, offer them double.)

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