Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hang Ups (and Downs)

It was probably fitting that I ended my working day at dusk sitting in my truck by the side of a busy road, waiting for a garage to organise a tow. I had spent most of the day at the wheel. From early in the morning, I had been driving back and forth across Melbourne to check on various pre-show logistics or to rectify things that others had fucked up. Hours I had put aside to finish a couple of works on paper in time for the opening night just evaporated, along with whatever was left of my humour.
I hosted a preview of the show and a light lunch for two bloggers, Brian Ward and Jennie Rosenbaum, and Fiona Scott-Norman, the journalist who wrote about it in The Age last Friday and whom I joined last week in a discussion about female sexuality on Melbourne ABC Radio. All three were cool, clever, and perhaps because we shared a similar, new media-inspired sensibility, quick to get' what I was doing. They helped me regain my sanity. Gallery staff bustled around us, and as I'm an unapologetic control freak, I interrupted our conversation several times to check what they were up to.
Coincidentally, a faux-fur-coat-clad listener to the ABC Radio show arrived at the gallery on a red moped during the lunch. She told the gallery owner that it was so refreshing to hear a real talk about female sexuality that she just had to see the show as soon as it opened!
As for the truck, it was something to do with the gear selectors. It will take a couple of days and a few hundred bucks to repair. There are just 48 hours until the opening party and things are still a long way from ready.


Lisa Rasmussen said...

Ciao Hazel
At first your work is superficial, conceptual, as object female, SEX...and then I sense something subtle the Goddess.
let me know if I am wrong or right...As an artist I usually despise shock art... but yours is different , I see myself in it...artist, creator, Goddess, sexual, tantric being.

Lisa Rasmussen said...

Thanks for your response! Your work is very important
in these times when old paradigms or butting against the new. Mirrors need to be held up in all places

Fitzroyalty said...

It was an absolute pleasure and such a great conversation! See you tomorrow night :-)