Friday, July 25, 2008


The first mention of the upcoming show appeared in a piece by Fiona Scott-Norman in today's edition of The Age, Melbourne's leading daily newspaper. The quotes were not entirely accurate or in context but on the whole, the writer 'got' what I was trying to do. It isn't always the case.
I'll be doing more interviews once I arrive in Melbourne to hang the show on Monday. I'm also hosting a lunch for half a dozen bloggers and critics at MARS Gallery to introduce them to my new work. I don't usually try to explain my art – I try to avoid composing 'artist statements' – but PORNO is different. It raises questions, even in me,
about what the hell I'm up to and how it's relevant to everything I've done before.
My paintings have been called pop, 'shock pop', post-feminist, ironic, diaristic, erotic, punk and even pornographic (usually by post-feminists) so what will be made of this, my first real foray into conceptual art – taking leave of the subjective for the objective – and another medium?

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