Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Counting Up

Apart from an early morning outing to check the artwork for t-shirts to be sold at the gallery – which, thanks to Ben Isdale at Super Special Screenprinting, looked amazing – I spent today holed up in my hotel room, finishing the final work on paper.
I wasn't undistracted. My mobile rang incessantly and every five minutes, my computer beeped to tell me that another lot of emails had arrived. With just 36 hours left until the opening party, I couldn't turn either of them off – worse, I had to respond. I regretted being too tight-fisted to fly one of my assistants down from Sydney. I painted in slow motion.
It was probably just as well I wasn't at the gallery. Andy Dinan, MARS' tireless owner, called to tell me that she'd received over 250 acceptances to the invitation for the opening night party – about 50 more than her space was licensed to accommodate. Now she was in a panic. A few weeks ago, she'd suggested that I might reduce my investment in catering for the evening because, as she put it, "I'd be very surprised if more than a hundred and fifty turn up – we rarely have more than that even for a big opening!"


Kate said...

I hope it was a great night for you Hazel!

artcanyell said...

Have been thinking about the photos days after the opening even while at work (legal secretary). Am tossing up whether to buy one even though I can't afford it. What does it mean to afford or not afford, I am never quite sure. Will return to MARS next weekend to look again. Thanks for signing my Tshirt.