Sunday, July 27, 2008

On A Different Road

I drove through the night to reach Canberra, about a third of the distance to Melbourne, at three in the morning. I checked into the Park Hyatt and slept hard until the front desk woke me at nine. I had a long, warm bath while I waited for room service to deliver hot coffee and croissants for breakfast.
I drove inter-state a lot when I was younger for exhibitions or to visit friends. If I got tired, I pulled into truck-stops and slept in the car. I had – still have – an aversion to junk food so I often went hungry. Two years ago, when I last drove to Melbourne (for the Venus In Hell show at MARS), the long, cold journey left me so exhausted I was irritable and waspish with everyone for a week. This evening, when I reached the city, I was still fresh enough that I was able to pass by the gallery to offload over 30 framed works from the back of the truck before heading to a mid-city hotel.

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Darren said...

i have just found your art and i am in love with it. i look fwd to seeing you in fleash tomorrow. if you want any help with the last minute things, feel free to call me. i am in the city all day. -