Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Proof Readings

With four weeks to go before the opening of my MARS show, i have spent the past couple of days finalising advertising and promotion with the gallery and gathering negatives for the first set of prints. There will be about two dozen images in the show but I will print maybe a hundred from which to make the final selection to be framed and shipped to the gallery. A long table has been set up in the middle of the studio to accommodate piles of proof sheets (to which are stuck small yellow post-it notes filled with frame numbers and printing notes), flawed test prints, and trays of old-fashioned celluloid transparencies waiting to be edited.
I have yet to arrive at a clear sense of the show's narrative. Unlike my paintings, which are often conceived as series, my photography has always been unstructured, informal and improvisatory. I hadn't even thought of exhibiting examples of it until a year or so ago, when I became aware of interest on the part of my most dedicated collectors in the Polaroids I used to work out compositions and poses for my early works (a dozen or so were sold, last year, for $500 each). The images in the upcoming show will be a lot rawer and more intimate and as I've mentioned elsewhere in this blog, I am walking a fine line between art and self-immolation as I choose each of them.

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