Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Self Vs. Self For Real

It's an odd experience to come across an image of yourself unexpectedly. In a small cafe, I sat staring at a small, black & white poster for my show for a couple of minutes before I realised what it was. Next to it was a poster for British actor and playwright Stephen Berkoff's solo stint at the National Theatre. He stared back at me with an intensity that, I imagine, must scare the shit out of fey English theatre types. I took a photo of both posters then left, faintly embarrassed, but there was no escaping myself. MARS has done such a good job of distributing the posters up all over the city, I kept seeing them out the corner of my eye everywhere – in bookshop windows, boutiques, and other caf├ęs, as well as on walls and bollards.The monochrome image is so simple and stark, it's very hard to miss, even among clusters of other advertising.


Peeboo said...


Dropped into the gallery this morning. Are you putting up more paintings, or just the one in the window?

Di Watts said...

i think if you read the blog closely, she mentions that others are going up tomorrow. i'm looking forward to seeing them – i'm hoping to buy the one currently on her home page which i understand will also be going up.

Peeboo said...

Thanks Di, I was asking because the price list only mentions the photographs and the the work in the window.

Hazel Dooney said...

Hi Peeboo,

There are other watercolours being hung today, for the opening tonight. The list of works (and prices) is being updated by the gallery immediately.

Thank you for your note.

Kind regards,


Daniel Sanger said...

Is that Cafe in Hawthorn?