Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show Time

I finished the last painting for the show in my hotel room at 5pm and got it to the gallery to frame and hang by 6.15pm, just fifteen minutes before the opening party was scheduled to begin.
A fire-eater entertained guests as they arrived and waiters in my PORNO t-shirts moved among them with trays of hors d'oeuvres. The gallery space filled very quickly and for the next three hours, it was never less than a capacity crowd. Unusually, everyone looked as if they were enjoying themselves and the good mood of the room became infectious. Also unusually, everyone took time to look at the work.
I chatted with collectors, posed for photographs and signed PORNO t-shirts. "Just so you know, you're really admired by the local lesbian community," one young woman told me.
Julianne Schultz, the editor of the Griffith REVIEW, gave a speech from a low stage set up at one end of the gallery then I got up to thank everyone who'd had a hand in organising the exhibition. Half an hour later, singer Deborah Conway took to the stage with her partner, Willy Zygier, and did a memorable set. Afterwards, I presented her with a small, framed watercolour I painted in Thailand a year ago.
I finally slipped away around 9.45pm with my father, whom I hadn't seen for three years, and a few friends to dine at a nearby French restaurant. There were still scores of people milling around inside the gallery. Maybe next time I'll host an all-night party.


beazle teats said...

sounds like a grand opening night... with most galleries in sydney battling to get 40 people to an opening!

i also see the emergence of brand dooney.

Anonymous said...

i wanna see the work!!!! how come it's not featured on the MARS website. Are you bring the work to sydney?

Roman said...

Congratulations on a great show!

Simone Maynard said...

congratulations on the evening and the exhibition hazel. was nice to see you again.

matt sutton said...

an amazing show Hazel. so free, open and fresh. I wish you all the very best with some time back home soon to be. I came from Sydney to see it all. everything you've done behind the scenes made it a huge success as well. congrats !!