Monday, July 28, 2008


I spent all day at the gallery today. A photographer from mX, a daily newspaper for Melbourne commuters, dropped by to do a portrait of me. He posed me in front of one of my more explicit images so that my head obscured the genitalia. I refused to smile.
The hanging for the show is going slowly. Besides trying to get the pictures to work well with each other, I want to make sure the combination of vertical and horizontal frames is neither too symmetrical nor distractingly random. I am beginning to appreciate the skills of the best professional 'hangers'.
In between, there are hundreds of small chores to take care of, including email enquiries from collectors to which I have to reply, a sound system to be installed, press packages to be wrapped, and t-shirts to be approved. I'm not dealing well with the stress. I have still a couple of watercolours to finish before the opening party and I'm aware that time is ebbing quickly.

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Kate said...

By the way you are writing here, or, from a distance Hazel, you appear to be dealing with the stress really's a huge thing happening, you're there, you're organising, you're functioning, you will be fine!