Monday, August 11, 2008

The Babes Get Collected

A couple of sleepless nights and ill-tempered days and I've finished the study for the latest of my Dangerous Career BabesThe Fashion Stylist.
The painting was commissioned by a Melbourne couple. I am now waiting for their response. It's always an uneasy period – what if they don't like it? – during which I twist myself into knots looking for faults within the work. I've now finished ten of these and I have discarded one. Another four are planned before I end the series in December, this year.
I can't wait to see a number of them together on a wall. The individual paintings, each of which is 2.10 metres by 1.60 metres, were originally conceived as a single work to be hung together but they're so expensive to produce, I have had to rely on commissions to complete them. However, I'm currently negotiating with a venue in Sydney to hang half a dozen together towards the end of the year – not ideal but enough for viewers to see what I am trying to convey with each babe's unchanging action-figure pose, inexpressive features, and doll-like 'costume' changes.
The imposing size and high-strung, neurotic tension of the figures, emphasized by the vivid, contrasting colours of the high gloss enamel surfaces, is attention-grabbing and jittery, even in the confines of my studio.

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Brian Ward / Fitzroyalty said...

You've dropped the Mexican one? Not thematically compatible with the rest?