Friday, August 08, 2008

Look, Not Here

Ever since PORNO opened, ten days ago, I've had requests from collectors, curators, critics and art magazine editors for digital images of the work. Apart from a couple published in this blog and another used on the Australian-based Art News Blog, very few have been distributed because I wanted to ensure that as many people as possible saw them first within the context of the show. As I've written before, PORNO is not about the individual colour or monochrome photographs (some of which I didn't even take myself) but rather what they convey as a group – how we see (and share) sexual experience in our so-called 'networked' society and how notions of intimacy have been co-opted as just another form of cheap, user-generated 'content'.
With the show approaching its halfway mark – it closes on the 24th of August – I've decided to upload a dozen or so of the photographs to my web site next week. I might even make available one of the several images not hung at MARS Gallery as a free, high res' download, yet another of my unlimited edition prints. In the meantime, photographs from the actual show, each printed in a limited edition of five (plus three artist's proofs) and signed, numbered and stamped on the verso by me, are still available from MARS Gallery – all priced at $A1,650. The handful that include me in the image seem to be more valued by collectors, perhaps as a souvenir of the show's succĂ©s de scandale.


Anonymous said...

Well done Hazel! Very impressive.

Your blog entries, prior to and thru the whole show, have just been a great read... been cheering you on the whole time!


Tim said...

Just found out about your blog after googling you after the reviews of the Porno show. I remember first coming across you in the weekend Age or Australian after that desert trip with the other artists and have enjoyed your artwork over the years. I don't suppose I know much about art but I do know what I like. And if I read one of your previous entrants on the blog correctdly may I wish you a happy birthday...regards Tim Niblock