Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gossip Girl

Melbourne's parting gift to me, as I threw my bags onto the back seat of my truck and psyched myself up for the long drive back to Sydney, was half a dozen paragraphs on the show and a photograph of Deborah Conway and me in the gossip pages of The Age newspaper.
PORNO is still being talked about, still selling steadily. Many collectors have come back in the days after the opening to spend time examining the works of interest to them without distraction. Four black and white prints sold on Sunday in the space of an hour. The large watercolour displayed in the gallery window, Kelly, The First Time, No.6, sold before the show opened.
I joined two major collectors from Adelaide on a visit to the Melbourne Art Fair. With scores of unremarkable, partitioned cubicles hung with mainly dull, no-name or lower echelon brand-name art within the cavernous, over-heated halls of the Royal Exhibition Building, the fair had the grim, proletarian atmosphere of a tractor convention in rural Texas.
I said hello to the very few commercial gallerists with whom I maintain friendly relationships. A couple of the best-known even congratulated me on the success of the PORNO show. On the other hand, the proprietor of a gallery that used to represent me in Queensland actually ran away to avoid having to say hello and the managing director of one of Australia's biggest galleries wanted everyone to notice that he was ignoring me. I just smiled archly at him: it takes more than petty, old-school power ploys to spoil my day.
A lot of people I didn't know came up to tell me how much they enjoyed my work. I was even asked to autograph a PORNO t-shirt.
Later, I had dinner with my father, reclaiming a little more of what was lost between us during three silent years of estrangement. He told me he was proud of me, something of a first.
I'm pretty damn proud of me, too.


jose-luis said...

TO be honest is a great virtue it come across with you in this paragraph
I wish you a long and inspire journey with your work.

Fitzroyalty said...

And you're smiling in this photo! I didn't know about the threat of christian attack until I read the Age article. Anyway, you won :-) Congratulations on an amazing show.

texasliv said...

I love this photo haz, you look radiant and so happy. Dad looks very happy too. Congratualtions on your sucess! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo..congratulations on what has obviously been an extremely successful exhibition.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo..congratulations on what has obviously been an extremely successful exhibition.

Amber Baiguerra said...

Hi Hazel, I visited your exhibition today, I noticed Kelly, the first time, No.6, was facing inwards and not the front window as in the pic here, I actually thought the painting had disappeared, was this faced inwards after the opening? Just curious. Beautiful exhibit.