Thursday, August 21, 2008

Killer Babes

Another in a series of late nights, this time finishing The Demolitionist, a commission for a Melbourne-based collector who has waited very patiently for a year for it to be completed. The latest in my Dangerous Career Babes series, the painting is a wry homage to my father who, in his younger days, worked as a 'powder monkey' or blaster for isolated mines dotted around outback Australia. It was a hard, hot, dangerous job but he still speaks of it with nostalgia.
I'm looking forward to painting the last few Dangerous Career Babes (the series will end in December, this year). Among those commissioned are a ninja, a submarine commander, and a manga assassin.
The last, for a pair of avid Asian collectors, is inspired by Gogo Yubari, the psychotic Japanese schoolgirl enforcer for O-Ren Ishii's yakuza gang in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. Along with La Femme Nikita, as played in French director Luc Besson's original film by Anne Parillaud, Gogo is both an erotic fantasy figure for me and a role model for my career.


Anonymous said...

Gogo and Nikita, huh? I'd love to see who'd be on your hit list.

Anonymous said...

that's dynamite !