Thursday, August 28, 2008

Memories And Forgetting

There are now around 130 paintings, works on paper and photographs available to view on my site, roughly three times more than there were at the beginning of the week. A dozen or more works have yet to be uploaded, including some sketches and collages that are strong enough to stand on their own. I can't really explain why I've hidden so much for so long. Some of the paintings are a lot better than those I've had on my site for the past few years. Some of them aren't. However, all of them make a lot more sense now they can be seen together.
I have yet to attribute the correct years or series titles to several individual paintings, mostly from the late Nineties. It's been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster revisiting a body of work that spans 13 years. Many paintings were created during periods of intense emotional and psychological fragility and the process of retrieving and editing digital images of them brought back memories I would've preferred to forget.
My work is inextricable from my life. Inevitably, past works are intimately bound up with people and places that I'm determined now to keep at a distance. Just for an instant, they all felt a little too close for comfort.


Lisa Rasmussen said...

wow your past work seems so powerful. Still holding the residue of experience. I know difficult and or uncomfortable to confront, but ... you are now the witness. Powerful Creator, tapping into it...reflecting
In my early twenties I did several portraits of myself that looked like i was a Holocaust victim. When I go back to them.. I am still blown away by the raw emotion that I was creating from...
musings .. from another Artist...
past work is powerful...and potent

Anonymous said... being able to see PORNO in the flesh, I love the photographs posted on your website. They are beautifully captured moments. The wonderful thing about the images are that they can be appreciated "online" without losing their impact. Love to see more uploaded soon Hazel!