Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mind's Eye

"Where do you get your ideas from?"
That question again. It's not really a mystery. I keep my eyes open and look at everything. And every day – and sometimes every hour of every day – I find glimmers of inspiration in the commonplace, the mundane, the readily apparent.
I carry a small digital camera everywhere. I take lots of photographs. Most of them are mere reference images, of no particular technical or artistic merit. But they're often more valuable to me than any painting I create. They document my ongoing process of not only learning to see but learning to use what I see.


Anonymous said...

"All human activity lies within the artist's scope".

A quote from "The Knights Tale" with Heath Ledger

Steph Jordan said...

I get my ideas from life and art. People who are colorful and full of character inspire. And following amazing people (hint hint) also motivates me! :-)