Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Reframing The Context

I'm somewhat disappointed that I didn't leave enough time to refine the The Lin Triptych (subtitled Lin With My Lover, But Not Alone, Nos. 1 - 3), three panels of watercolour, acrylic and pencil on cold-pressed paper that depict a young Asian woman fellating an engorged, ejaculating cock. I finished, framed and hung the paintings just minutes before the doors opened for the PORNO party, on Thursday, last week.
I'm happy with the paintings themselves – even if a well-known Melbourne art critic whose opinion I respect made it clear to me that he wasn't. Unfortunately, the panels were meant to 'float' together on white archival rag within a single, deep-set white frame, not hung separately (which they had to be, given the time constraint). The images form a single narrative, like a series of screen grabs from a video clip. Framed separately, there's no mistaking their connection but they tend to be viewed individually and thus don't work anywhere near as well.
The paintings will be removed from MARS Gallery this week for a couple of days to be reframed to my original specification. When the triptych returns, I think it will be more coherent and compelling.

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