Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reconsidering Pictures Past

I finished another commission yesterday.
I revisit old series of my work rarely but I made an exception this time as the subject was one I'd wanted to paint when the series, Sports Career Babes, was first conceived, eight years ago. For various reasons, I'd not gotten around to it. So I jumped at the chance when a Sydney couple asked whether I would consider painting Sports Career Babe: The Climber.
The commission prompted me to review the online archives of my work. A lot was missing, perhaps because when I first designed the site, I undervalued my early efforts. Not all of them were successful or refined but they contained ideas that recur in later work and offered clues to the personal preoccupations that still compel me to paint. There are at least half a dozen works that surprised me (pleasantly) – and are likely to surprise even those who are knowledgeable collectors.
I've begun uploading scores of these early works to the site. By the end of the week, the Works section should offer a much wider and more accurate perspective of what I've been trying to achieve over the past decade.

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artcanyell said...

That is amazing ! LOVE IT