Thursday, August 07, 2008


After drawing for 18 hours solid, today, I was looking forward to a long, dreamless sleep. Instead, I lay awake agitated, my head filled with vivid ideas for new works – combining painting, sculpture and found objects – and an urgent desire to find unusual spaces in which to exhibit them. I'm already considering changes to my schedule next year so that I don't show at any commercial galleries.
Despite the surge in my productivity (and prices) over the past several months, I'll probably reduce my output. I'll stop accepting commissions for
Dangerous Career Babes soon and finish the series by the end of this year. I'll show the best of it in Tokyo. I'll present an expanded version of PORNO (excerpt above) in Sydney before Christmas, with a better integrated installation of high-gloss enamel paintings, large photographic prints and video.
Then, I think, I'll find somewhere exotic and out-of-the-way to hole up and experiment with completely different concepts, different media, different techniques – and see what emerges.

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