Saturday, August 09, 2008

Slow, Artist At Work

The sleepless nights and jammed-full days immediately before and after the opening of PORNO have left me drained and unexpectedly depressed. When I draw, it feels like every signal I send from my brain to my hand has to stem a counter-flow of thick, sticky, molasses-like lethargy seeping through my bones – and not every signal makes it. Even the simplest line-work takes an hour or so to get right.
I avoided art 'business' today. I didn't ring the gallery. I didn't answer the phone or download emails. I just focussed on refining a study for a new Dangerous Career Babe.
It'll be finished soon. Then I'm going to give myself a day off. I need to tidy my home and studio. I need to buy some fresh food. I need to dance across my living room naked with the music turned up loud. I really need to let my mind rest.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this blog will see you need it – and deserve it.