Friday, August 22, 2008

Spinning The Web

Lisa Rasmussen and Lauren Usher have published part one of a two-part interview with me on their intriguing US-based blog, Art Is Moving.
The focus of our email 'discussion' was an exploration of the current and future role the internet in the art world and the degree to which it's likely to disintermediate the relationship between artist and 'audience' and create within it a closer, more communicative connection. As might be expected, I reiterated my view that the web is a liberating opportunity for young artists, who should no longer rely on the traditional commercial and institutional gallery system to shape their careers.


Lisa Rasmussen said...

Thanks again for the interview. I look forward to hearing folks responses about the role of the Internet in art, with the audience,the collector, and the institution. It would also be an interesting conversation from your personal collectors who sourced you out on the Internet. What is their process. I also wanted Lauren Usher awesome collobrator and the other co-founder of Art is Moving to get her share of the credit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

Your talent, intelligence and eloquence seem boundless. It's always a pleasure to read your words.

Lisa Rasmussen said...

Ciao Hazel:
I wanted to shoot this out to you... any ideas? Thats if you are interested in being in this show.
This was in response to a posting on my Arts and Conscious Graduate Chat-Mary was one of professors.
Let me know

Namaste, Lisa

Hi Lisa, et al,

This is an impressive interesting blog! hurray! Really excellent to be questioning folks about internet/gallery art. There is a really good essay and online show at artist considers it to be a weblog exhibition on climate change....maybe where you are heading...

I'm looking for possibly two more artists or groups of same for an online show I'm curating with a loose title of Art and Democracy. This would be in some way political or a showcasing of "democracy" in art practices in the way you and Dooney talk about art. I looked at both your blog and Dooney's, wondering if maybe a blog was what I might consider art. I can see the argument for this, but I'm looking for things that are more visual web art, rather than about art. The work must have been made for the net, as net art, rather than existing elsewhere and just documented on the net. The work will be featured as a show on

If anything comes to mind, please let me know. All best luck to you and the red door group, Mary

Lauren Odell Usher said...

Hey Hazel, this is the other half of Art is Moving sending a thank you note your way. I admire your ambition and thank you for your generosity. I look forward to continuing an ongoing dialog via the Internet!