Monday, September 15, 2008

Disturbed In The 'Burbs

The lease on my studio is up in a couple of weeks. I have still not heard from my landlords whether they're willing to renew the contract. I have been a good tenant but I suspect they're going to try to hit me up for a sizeable rent increase. As pleasant as this place, it isn't even worth what I'm already paying for it.
I've found myself overwhelmed by petty stresses these past couple of weeks. I have not really had a break from work for several months, apart from a couple of days here and there, and I am feeling drained, unable to fight off bouts of deep melancholy and despair. Sleep helps – until I start sleeping too much, then it doesn't.
I'm determined to do one or two more of the Dangerous Career Babes series before I take a long break and maybe turn my attention to something completely different. I have painted nearly a dozen Dangerous Career Babes this year – several of them twice, when I decided to re-do in enamel those I'd painted in oil. I'm beginning to regret my almost obsessive-compulsive determination to achieve a flawless surface finish for these large (210cms x 160cms) works.
I want to be done with painting – for a while, anyway. I've been thinking a lot about works in entirely different media to those that've preoccupied me for the last decade or so, works that have less to do with art than traditional artisanship. However, before I get too distracted by my preliminary thoughts about them, I need to finish everything I've committed to this year.


elizabethbriel said...

Sounds like enamel's got similar demands to traditional Vietnamese lacquer: they both need just the right temperature/humidity. Many of the VN artists I met recently painted in lacquer only in spring & fall, and painted with oil the rest of the year.

Best of luck with the projects, and your studio space!

Anonymous said...

I loathe things like rent increases on artists' space. This sort of stuff ought to be "rent-controlled." But then again...greed is almost unconquerable, isn't it?