Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Escape Artist

I'm overwhelmed by a lot of stuff.
I'm labouring unnecessarily over a new work and I'm frustrated by the length of time it's taking to get finished works out of the studio (and on their way to their buyers). I need more and better assistants. I need a better equipped studio. But before I address either of these problems, I need to be away from people – all people – for a couple of days. I need to feel life is about more – much more – than constant work.
I don't have the time to go far so I've settled for somewhere less than half a day's travel away by plane, warm and uncrowded – and no, I'm not telling. I can only hope my collectors will understand.


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Anonymous said...

Africa's more like a WHOLE day and night away from Sydney. Fiji'd be nice (one of the less touristy atolls). And no phone or web access either. Enjoy the break!

sue beyer said...


lol! funny, you made me laugh