Thursday, September 04, 2008


Parody is the highest form of flattery – I think that's how the saying goes. So I couldn't help but smile when I found out that David Arandle, an Australian artist and video-maker better known online as 'The Extraordinary Tourist', had created paintings of Dangerous Career Cats to poke gentle fun at my Dangerous Career Babes series.
I wonder what artist and blogger, Barney Davey, would make of them. He has taken me to task in an online essay titled
Art Vs. Marketing – Making Hazel Dooney Cringe, which is long on intelligence and well-crafted argument but short on accuracy when it comes to describing my views on marketing myself as an artist. As far as I can make out, he has synthesized these from one ill-tempered reference I made to a blog entry of his – a shame, really, because I agree with a lot of what he writes.
As anyone who reads Self Vs. Self regularly would know, I'm a total media tart. I embrace any opportunity to promote my art and myself.
Barney writes: "I subscribe to Brendan Behan’s view. He famously said, 'There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary'." I wouldn't even draw the line there.


Anonymous said...

Knowing David and how he feels about your work, this is definately flattery in it's highest form!

I got a kick out of them, especially as I really admire both yours and David's work. Great!

TET (David) said...

Since this post is about art versus marketing then I think a mention in your blog is probably a bigger 'buzz' for me than my cat parodies are for you. Thanks for taking the paintings with the humour that they were intended to convey.

I don't know what Barney is on about? Most artists I know would love to see their work selling consistently at high prices. It's not the putting a price on art that's the problem it's the actual, doing the work to get it sold that's the stumbling block.

Most artists just want to create art and would prefer someone else to handle the business side. Unfortunately you don't get to do that as an unknown or emerging artist.

d.edlen said...

Indeed, one can see the vulturous collectors circling around the obituary of an artist.