Saturday, September 27, 2008

Killer Kogal Babe

I used to dream about rough sex with Gogo Yubari. It was no simple Japanese schoolgirl fantasy, all white knickers and pleated blue mini-skirts (although they were a part of it).
Gogo was the cut-snake crazy girl assassin for Oren-Ishii's yakuza gang and cheerleader for the masked, sword-wielding Crazy 88s – you have to have seen Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill to know what I'm on about – and if she had sex at all, I suspect she'd have been the one on top with her spidery fingers around your throat. Her idea of balls were steel, spiked, weighing ten pounds and thrown on the end of a chain with the intention of taking off a head.
"How about now, big boy? Do you still wish to penetrate me?"
she whispered to a horny salariman in Kill Bill as she ran him through with a tanto. "Or is it I who has penetrated you?"
I couldn't end my Dangerous Career Babes series without having a stab – so to speak – at an homage to Gogo. There are lots of baby-faced warriror schoolgirls in skimpy sailor-style school uniforms in manga and anime but Gogo was a lot less obviously cute – no-one would describe her beak-nosed, sloe-eyed angularity as that – as well as irrational and unpredictably homicidal.
Who couldn't help but get turned on by her?

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