Monday, September 08, 2008

Lost, Unfound

I've just heard (two years on from the incident) that one of my first watercolour paintings, Venus En Enfer, was lost when the truck in which it and several other artists' paintings were being transported was stolen. First sold in 2006 for $A4,500 at my exhibition, Venus In Hell, it's probably worth around $A6,000 now. It's worth a hell of a lot more to me.
The only reason I found out about the theft was because I'd contacted the owner about buying it back for my own rather sparse collection. Its loss cuts like a knife but it underscores two rules for artists: i) always keep for yourself the first or most favourite of a series of works and don't be tempted to sell it at any price to anyone and ii) do not become too attached to the works you do sell – they are, effectively, lost to you and you can't control where they end up, how they're looked after or what happens to them.
By the way, should anyone offer to sell you Venus En Enfer, please don't hesitate to call Andy Dinan at MARS Gallery and let her know.

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