Monday, September 01, 2008

Pola Apposite

My first experiments with photography were alone. I would pose for the camera – a clunky plastic Polaroid 600 with no exposure controls and an automatic flash – and frame myself in close-up as I aped the facial expressions of '50s movie stars and fashion models. It became almost fetishistic, a form of role-playing that was sometimes erotically stimulating. Over the years, I amassed scores of 4"x3" instant prints but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I exhibited a few of them as a minor part of my first exhibition of works on paper, Venus In Hell.
Truth is, for a long time, I didn't really recognise them as part of my body of work as an artist. Then a friend asked to look through the Polaroids I kept stashed in big plastic bags in my studio. As he began to arrange them on the floor, I saw just how much I'd relied on them as a medium in which to experiment. In each were ideas that still bubble beneath the hard-edged, glossy surfaces of my paintings. Even more interestingly, unsettling narratives were apparent within some series of images, suggesting they were really storyboards for an as yet unproduced video or film running in my head. It's an idea I'm keen to explore in the future.


David said...

I follow your blog. I follow a lot of blogs so dont think you are all that - you are not.

I have watched you go from a mediocre technically inferior artist to a pathetic attention grabbing artist that has to show her tits to try and get a little attention.

Well, firstly your tits are a little (excuse the pun) more than disappointing and the wrong way to go about growing as an artist.

But are you even interested in growing as an artist or are you more interested in moving your art into the pornographic arena. You see, soon (if not already), you shall be a washed out has been artist with a small core group of collectors that are more interested in getting a glimpse of your titties than actually collecting your art.

Oh and BTW, you probably dont remember this but I emailed you a few years ago asking for advice and help in becoming a successsful artist and you were very rude to me - so rude in fact that I have never forgiven you.

Now the shoes are all on different feet - and I am a successful, internationally acclaimed artist with multiple sources of revenue and you are an artist that seemingly had a waste of a show (unsuccessful) and a stream of bad reviews about it.

I think perhaps you should learn HUMILITY, put the titties away, and learn to treat people the way you wish to be treated.

Oh and if you are wondering who I am:

My name is David Foox.

jose-luis quijano said...

I believe that it’s Live our Die I also thought that Artist were not Olympians Who win and what do you win? .A good Artist is one who is honest with him self. Marketing is our new instinct .Merde quesque j'aimerai ecrire en francai parfois.
Et puis tes seins sont pas mal dutout.

Charles Marlow said...

I looked up David Foox and his paintings are fetching at most 10 per cent of the value of Hazel's mid-sized work. In any case, envy and spite is piss-poor inspiration for an artist.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of this Mickey Avalon song:

Anonymous said...

Talk about PATHETIC!!!

My goodness Hazel, did you kill
his puppy or something like that?

Elizabeth said...

David, all you do in this comment is show yourself as spiteful, insecure, immature, and, worst of all, ignorant. Dooney is an artist, not a career counsellor. She owes you nothing. I doubt she was rude to you. But if she was, so what? When you ask a question, sometimes you don't get the answer you want. Be a big boy and deal with it, without embarrassing yourself along the way (as you've done in this particular comment).

Apart from that, thanks for the laugh. Abusing someone while calling them rude, telling them to learn humility while boasting, mixing up a well-worn idiom (what are you, a centipede?!), making up stuff to suit your point when there is ample evidence to the contrary, and finally, adding your name at the bottom, made for one of the funniest posts I've read in a long, long time.

Anonymous said...


Vos remarques sont correctes! Mais, a mon avis, c’est encore une bonne raison pour respecter les Grands Artistes du passé. Ma critique a propos de Hazel Dooney n’etait pas tres Claire. Je crois qu’entre artistes, nous devons encourager, appuyer, supporter et sourire; non pas denigrer, rabaisser et decourager comme Hazel Dooney


of course i open myself up to be stabbed in the back after i post a comment when i am on hazel's site followed by her closest apostles, however, if my words have come across as either boastful or spiteful then i have done a poor job of communicating.

you are right hazel is not a job counsellor - just an artist - however she is also the ONLY artist I have ever communicated with that was rude in quite the way she was.

she did not kill my puppy, but perhaps for other people that do not share my passion for a life of art, it would have sucked for them. whether this is a big deal or not, to me it is. that's why i commented.

as for my work not "fetching" the same as hers. i am in it for the long game. :)

elizabeth, adding my name at the bottom is better than an anonymous comment - BECAUSE - i am happy to own the words i write/speak because they are true. i bet you are terribly biased in any case.



stephen gilliard said...

there's an old Native American saying about not judging someone until you've a 100 miles in their moccasins. having recently attended a Dooney opening attended by 600 people where every fourth or fifth person wanted her to 'counsel' them on a career in art (and a large percentage of them people who were clearly looking at it as a 'sea change' career), I can only imagine that her public persona – and this blog – generates rather more of these enquiries than other artists get. i suspect mr. foox would get bloody sick of them as well.

i suspect that if mr. foox put as much effort into being a little more open to ms. dooney and her perspective as he has into being spiteful, he would find her kind, generous and indeed, very willing to offer help from time to time. why not try it?

as for mr. foox's view that all of us that rush to ms. dooney's defence are sycophants, i am in fact an art dealer, an occupation much maligned in this blog (and you should hear what she says about us in other circumstances!)

The Ethnic Catamaran Company said...

If Foox had so little regard for Dooney's work and career, why did he write to her in the first place?

Anonymous said...


You poor thing... please stop.

My sides hurt!

Hazel Dooney said...


As you don't seem to want to let the issue rest, I will address it. I did not discourage you, or put you down. I simply indicated that I do not give career advice to other artists.

I see being an artist as a path which each person needs to carve out themselves, in a way that suits their work, and individual needs. To offer advice or suggest a particular way would, in my view, be stifling.

I sent you a sincere, and considered, reply, for which I offer no apology, or regret.

I have published your comments, uncensored. But this is not a forum for you to continue to air your grievances ad nauseam. If you want to keep bitching about me, do it elsewhere.

This topic is now closed.

Jeff Martin said...

I just came across this page and can't believe it...

Congratulations David, you have proven yourself to be successful, internationally acclaimed idiot at best.