Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Straight Through The Art

Edited by artist, Steve Gray, Art Re-Source is a relative newcomer in the Australian blogosphere but it has already set its sights on an ambitious series of artist interviews. Today, it published a long Q&A with me that develops what appears to be a theme du jour (see Art News Blog, last month): 'how to be an artist' – or, rather, 'how it is to be an artist'. If nothing else, it'll increase the amount of critical email I'll get this month. Half the three dozen comments to the Art News Blog's piece were from those who felt that nothing I do should even be considered art. But then shit like that is part of being an artist too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

I really enjoyed reading the interview.

My FAV answer:
"You don’t have to ask the price when you go to buy new art supplies." :-)


Shen said...

That was an interesting interview.

Could you talk more about the intersection between your desire to promote yourself as an artist versus your dislike of art competitions?

To me it seemed like the 2 questions were both pushing the same way, but your answers were in completely different directions.

Did your experiences at Lake Eyre play a role in shaping your opinions on this?

eg Your blog post Solitude

Mona said...

Dear hazel/ I have just started a musicish blog and following your mention of Dudu P the other day I uploaded some music by him. I also linked to your relevant blog page and took the liberty of using one of your images. I did credit it but should you have any objection then please let me know and I will remove it asap regards Tim my blog is at www.exileonmoanstreet.blogspot,com