Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting My Priorities Straight

This has been one of those catch-up weeks. Since I got back from Melbourne, I've spent nearly every day painting, sleeping or updating my web site. I haven't done anything else. This morning I submitted my business taxes for last month – my accountant insisted on it – and reviewed income (high) and expenditure (higher) statements. Yesterday, I touched base with a handful of collectors awaiting delivery of new works. I booked couriers and responded to email. I did some basic housekeeping, including buying some much-needed groceries.
I feel a lot less depressed. As if to reinforce my good mood, the sun is shining, the sky is clear and my newly tidy studio is bathed in a warm, early spring light. Even better, a pair of black patent leather Tods work boots I ordered from Bluefly have turned up in the post. They're even more beautiful than I'd hoped. Despite my accountants vocal reservations, I'm going to order a patent leather, hobo-style Pauric Sweeney bag to match.
When did good sense ever take priority over self-indulgence in my life?

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Anonymous said...

i love that you are an artist and still into shoes and bags. i totally feel guilty sometimes and i'm like "i'm an artist, i'm not "supposed" to like this stuff"