Friday, October 31, 2008

Clearing, If Not Yet Free

Another few large paintings are in the process of being crated and readied for shipping, having taken an almost interminable amount of time to dry. With luck, I will have emptied my studio of all commissions by the end of the year and be able to begin the new year with a clean slate. As I've often mentioned here before, I want to take a break from the large enamel works that have occupied me for way too long.
It's not just the paintings that are being cleared out. I have also sold several sketches and watercolours. Soon, all I'll have left in my stockroom are my favorite photographs from PORNO and a handful of of small enamel paintings.
The latter have already been offered to my collectors. They consist of two series: Cowboys Babes (Resized For Commercial Consumption) consists of six small (60cms x 40cms approx.) enamel on canvas paintings originally created to accompany the promotion of the now cancelled Legend Rubbers special edition condom tins, which were to feature the images; Studies For Accoutrements Of Desire consists of three, enamel on board paintings (60cms x 30cms) which evolved to become an exhibition of much larger enamels on board. Both series are priced under $4,500 for each painting (much less if bought as series) and represent the most economical of all my available work. If you're interested to know more, email me.

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