Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drawing Things Out

Wouldn't you know it? It's raining.
The morning sky is orange, filtered though a pall of leaden grey. The sea surface is glassy, although it undulates gently as a long, steep swell rolls in. A dozen surfers are sitting on their boards about a hundred yards off the north end of the beach, waiting for the sets to build. The air inside my house is cool but clammy.
I was going to lie around and sulk about what a shitty day I had yesterday but I've wasted enough time, this year, feeling sorry for myself. Instead, I'm going to draw. It's been several months since I made art just for myself – the downside of an over-filled order book and a couple of shows. I've missed working loosely and without a plan, letting the marks associate in a kind of stream of consciousness to reveal the picture. And if I don't like what it becomes, I just tear up the paper and start again without having to worry about the clock and a contractual obligation to deliver something.
Of course, I could also get to grips with tidying up my studio. But that feels too much like hard work.


Possum said...

Forget getting tidy - it's overrated!!
Go get drawing - and remember why you love it so much.
Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

I saw "Dream of Life" movie about Patti Smith last Friday and Saturday (yes saw it twice). On Friday night she attended for a Q&A and sang/strummed a number. A pure and holy treat. Anyway the movie gave us a glimpse into her life and her very UNTIDY residence. She said the mind is not a tidy place so she minded not that her surroundings were same. There were discarded clothes strewn here and there, objects randomly placed, picked up and put down wherever it seemed. I was comforted by seeing her disarrayed living as my bedroom for one is doom to tidiness. I caught her on Saturday at CCP giving an artist talk and got her autograph on "Dream of Life" the book. Stay untidy Hazel you are in good company it seems. Neatness is overrated and can be oppressive while disorder more a sign of creativity in action


Jennie Rosenbaum said...

Not Fair!! I'm sorry you've had such a crappy couple of days. Put on some tunes anyway and get lost in drawing. or paint some more furniture! I hope you have a good relaxing time :)

Mona said...

Well i agree re: Patti S and I too saw her on Sat..there are a couple of photos at my blog www.exileonmoanstreet.blogspot.com and I have linked to your blog there (should get you an extra one person or so to your blog over the next 10 years or so!) I will be putting a rare Dudu P/ Brotherhood of Breath radio session from germany in 1973 up in the next couple of days and that music is brilliant for just about everything! regards Timn

3brainer said...

I agree with the others about the tidy issue--or non-issue. One suggestion if I dare---don't tear up the ones you don't like. Put them away and wait until much later to take a peek. sometimes little gems happen that we fail to recognize as such in the moment. speaking from experience. and if you still think they suck, it will feel good to clear out the space they occupied. enjoy the gloom and stay warm.
best wishes,