Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Hard Drive Is Good To Find

I took today off. It was raining. I didn't feel like getting out of bed. I propped myself up on a half dozen, large pillows and watched some of the movies I'd recorded on my cable TV's digital hard-drive. Among them:
Sketches Of Frank Gehry by Sydney Pollack. A profile of one of the few architects who might also be regarded as a sculptor. I love this line from it: "Talent is liquefied trouble".
Peter Beard: Scrapbooks From Africa and Beyond, a study of the American fashion and wildlife photographer and his reckless life (and loves) 'between' Africa and the USA.
, a strange, twisted psycho-drama directed by James Toback and starring Harvey Keitel, in one of his early and spookiest roles as a Bach-obsessed concert pianist who works as a strong-arming debt collector for his loan-shark father.
The Book of Revelation, an Australian film directed by Ana Kokkinos.
Last Tango In Paris, directed by Bernado Bertolucci, with Marlon Brando and Maria Schnieder.
Betty Blue, directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. He also directed Diva, adapted from my favourite series of crime novels (by the French novelist-turned-tantric-guru) Daniel Odier, featuring the 40-something concert pianist/criminal Gorodish and his virgin, Lolita-like constant companion, the larcenous 14-year-old Alba. I love the first part of Betty Blue, but I always lose interest half-way. I watched it again because Beatrice Dalle (pictured above) is, in this role, someone I fantasize about sharing my boyfriend (or him sharing me) with
from time to time.
Finally, just before I slept, I let Into Great Silence, a slow, haunting, three-hour documentary directed by Philip Gröning, wash over me until dawn. It has no narration or dialogue, just meditative, intimate observations of a year in the lives of a 'silent' order of Carthusians, a dwindling handful of reverent monks in a grand monastery isolated in the French Alps.

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