Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

The weekend has been filled with the tedious exercise of readying the images for the first three (of six) Legends Rubbers containers: first, cropping and manoeuvring them to fit the awkwardly shaped, round-cornered, rectangular lids, then preparing high resolution files to be handed off to the company's own graphic designers in Melbourne, on Monday. They'll integrate Legend's branding and other text before forwarding the file to printers in China. I've also been putting the finishing touches on a new Cowboy Babe painting, enamel on board, which will be the fourth image for the limited edition series of tin containers. Like the half a dozen other Cowboy Babes (which are as sought after among collectors as my Career Babes), it features a nubile young Cowpoke (its title) on a hot pink background in the usual white Stetson and knickers. However, this one is arguably the sexiest, offering just a hint of what she likes to do get a giddy-up when she's not actually gripping a leather saddle between her thighs and digging in her spurs.

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Possum said...

Hiya Hazel,
Found you today quite by chance.
Sat, glued to my chair, and read your entire blog from end to beginning.
Love your work - and your words.
Your honesty and strength amaze me.
I look forward to reading more.
Take care of you.